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The Office Electronics Market Status for Businessmen

Posted on 20th Oct 2011 @ 4:22 PM

For the brand competition, office electronics market is controlled by the Japanese and U.S. industry giants. They continue to control the basic structure of the market, and it will have few changes. According to the analysts, in 2005, the secondary manufacturers will have some adjustment. Among them, IBM, Samsung, Dell and Lenovo as the main IT companies will enhance their strength for this market. In this regard, the competition between the secondary manufacturers will be more intense. However, with the expansion of the market share of the monopoly, the companies with small brands may be more difficult. In the following year, they will give up this market.

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According to the authoritative survey, the office electronics market scale had a rapid growth in 2005. The competition was more intense. The manufacturers are adjusting the sale channels for the market in the following years. In order to meet the new market competition and challenge, Canon, Toshiba, Epson, Ricoh, Sharp and other manufacturers made their product update. As the market has a wide range, the manufacturers have different technology advantages and development investment. In a short time, the market structure will not have a change. At the same time, some companies have their monopoly as the mainstream enterprises. Without core technologies and investment, others have no opportunity to involve in this field.

With the continuous innovation and development of the technologies in office electronics, the era taking simplification and high tech as core is coming. Some experts predict that with the mature of the technology application and the improvement of the requirements to product performance technology, the manufacturers are making their efforts in functions. Toshiba always takes its first or second place in the market. For many years, they keep the technology innovation. Its products are entertained and simplified for users. The Canon also said: "the product technology contains the focus of the competition. At the same time, the role of the manufacturers will have a change from sales to solution providers. Simple, entertained, personalized will be the value of the products.

In 2004, with rapid expansion of the peripheral business application market, the user need had become increasingly mature. The original office application became the high end one. The user need also makes the application level have a complete improvement. Because bank and taxation and other financial fields have the special features, they have stringent requirement to office electronics in quality and function. In addition, some domestic brands try their best to get a leap from domestic brands to international brands. They want to participate in the high end field; it will cause a new change for the market structure. For the application market, it opened a better start.

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