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The Technology Status of the Professional Speakers

Posted on 25th Oct 2011 @ 1:09 AM

The professional speakers are mainly the ones used in the theater, in the stage, in the living room, in the stadium and other places. With the development of the new material, new technology, new structure and new process and the application of the stereo technology and digital technology and the popularity of the CD and VCD, the devices and their systems have great development, the new products are emerging. In recent years, many famous companies launched a wide variety of the devices and the relevant systems. They have the bright features. In order to achieve these features, they take many methods for it.

The Technology Status of the Professional Speakers

The first: they use new magnetic materials and new magnetic circuit design way. For example, a company uses SFG magnetic design including flux balance, reducing the drive source inductance and new structure settings with thermal conductivity. If they use magnetic material, the magnetic energy can be up to 3.6MGsOe. This makes the speakers support larger power capacity. The bass playback will be stronger and have some strength.

The second: they use new material. For example, for the diaphragm, it uses titanium because titanium EP is better than aluminum. It is suitable for creating high quality diaphragm. The speakers with it have the extended high frequency and the improved power capacity. The woofer uses laminated high density composite cone. The voice coil uses flat wire because flat line can have high duty factor and high magnetic gap use efficiency. It can get higher sensitivity.

The third: they use new horn. In the professional sound reinforcement, the long term exponential horn speakers have been replaced by the new directional horn. For the directivity horn, its key technology is that the horn uses the sidewall with different shapes. The old and simple linear and exponential become the complex and non-continuous functional in order to achieve a constant directivity.

The fourth: it widely uses computer CAD, CAM and CAT technology. It uses the modern technology to dig out the potential of the traditional speakers. It can make all the professional speaker products better. Many companies have their good products as the representatives.

The used methods above can reflect the current technology status of the professional speakers. And many good ones come with the help of these technologies. Some of them are launched by the famous manufacturers. And some of them are produced by the ordinary manufacturers. The various speakers are available in the market. Where do you can buy them at a cheap price? It is really a problem. All the people know finding a famous official company to buy what they want at a high price. The famous brand supports the buying results and the enough budgets can hit the expensive price. But many of them do not know where to buy a cheap quality one. Then the website http://www.zrhwholesale.com as the authoritative official company website can give the biggest support. No matter what you want to buy, you can get it at a very low price. In addition, all the products available there are the best for customers.