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The Development of Digital Receivers Goes to Diversification and Modular

Posted on 25th Oct 2011 @ 1:12 AM

The digital receivers should meet the decoding standards in the traditional television field. And the current ones can support the popular Flash and Real formats on PC to meet different kinds of decoding standards. By technology, people want to add USB, HDMI, Ethernet interface, hard disk and other peripheral interface to the box. It can allow the users to have rich application functions. The user experience will be good for them. They will consider the advanced process and the low power consumption in the stage of design, development, use and recycling.

The Development of Digital Receivers Goes to Diversification and Modular

For the form, the digital receivers will have their development towards diversification and modular. For example, the company has developed video processing module + data processing module as the terminal. You can configure flexibly. Video processing module can choose DVB or IP. Data processing module can choose EOC, ONU, CM, 3G, Bluetooth and WIFI. This can solve some actual problems. Many people layout their cables in the living room, but internet users have their enjoyment in study room. Then the terminal with WIFI module will become necessary for you.

Many manufacturers are increasing the product category for digital receivers in order to cope with such a trend. The main types appeared for us. The first: you can see the high definition interactive boxes in the market. The second: you can see boxes with strong terminal. The one with cloud terminal is such a kind. Through the combination of the cloud and the terminal, it becomes a new business application for constructing digital television. The third: the intelligent boxes with unified open source platform system. The intelligent technology has profound impact on the life of the people. The unified open source platform system is the development direction for the devices. The fourth: the multi-functional boxes. The fifth: the PVR boxes. The PVR boxes have a very broad market prospect. But its technology is very complex. It has the high requirements to the hard disk and other hardware. So the production cost is very high. If the manufacturers want users to accept them, it needs a long time. In this regard, some manufacturers achieve the PVR function through external USB memory. The sixth: the boxes with multimedia home gateway. Home gateway is the core of multimedia digital family. It can support the relevant boxes which can have many interfaces and many features. With the various external terminals, you can easily extend family-based communication, entertainment and wonderful integrated information service. The extended service has a wide range. And as a good product, it can provide users with more convenient services.

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