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E-commerce Helps Traditional Wholesale Electronics Enhance Competition Capability

Posted on 26th Oct 2011 @ 12:55 AM

According to the international data, at the first half of this year, the China online wholesale electronics business has a transaction amount of up to 213.3 billion Yuan. When compared to last year, there is an increase of 103% in the market. The electronic commerce has been the irreversible trend of the wholesale electronics. Many internet business companies make efforts on their sale channels and their products in order to get more customers. In fact, with the popularity of the internet and the gradually mature of the network environment, the changes of the purchase habit of the customers makes the traditional companies have a new recognition to electronic commerce. More and more traditional companies realize that the e-commerce is not only a new channel and new business way, but also it can reshape the future competition capability of the company.

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According to the president of a wholesale electronics company, the traditional brand suppliers or retailers used tens of or hundreds of years to establish their brand value. Now the value is suffering the sabotage and subversion of the electronic commerce. The traditional retailers should change their old business into the online business. With the increasing cost of the estate and the labors, the online business will have its large advantages when compared to the traditional business. Another main reason is that the young generation has the changing consuming habit. If they do not have a change, the new business mode will subvert the existing market.

The vice president of another wholesale electronics company also has the same opinion: Why does the traditional business have to have a change into e-commerce? In fact, it is to meet the needs of the consumers. Because consumers have online shopping habits and needs, even it is crazy for them; they should hit the habits and the needs. It is unchangeable status for all the consumers. If the traditional business suppliers or retailers want to continue to get their profits by the original business, change their business way is a good solution to them. And what is more, it is an inevitable trend for them. Of course, in a short time, the traditional companies will not take the electronic commerce as their mainstay. At present, it still is in the prevailing stage for people. You should go to guide some people to shop on the internet. Some people predict that in the following ten years, the people buying products by the traditional way will be fewer and fewer in the world. If in these ten years, the reform plans have not been finished, then the traditional business suppliers or retailers will face a big challenge because the online shopping market share will be more and more.

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