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E-book as Digital Reading

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E-book as Digital Reading for Users

Posted on 26th Oct 2011 @ 11:16 PM

With the rise of digital reading, more and more people take the instant reading through the internet for information and content. This reading way not only can inspire the visual pleasure and mental pleasure, but also it can make the traditional publishing face the challenges. Today is digital era; only the depth reading can adapt the age and meet the needs of readers. For digital reading, there are a variety of ways such as tablet PC, MP3, MP4, PC and cell phone. But the best choice for depth reading is e-book for people.

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The first: it has the price advantage. Tablet PC is integration with a variety of entertainment. And reading is just one application of them. The price is more than 350 dollars. But for e-book, its price will be less than 200 dollars. And it will be responsible to its reading function.

The second: it has the professional reading for you. For the PC and cell phone, their reading belongs to light reading. The content has low requirements to the layout and tagging. There is no high contrast for it. But if you want to have the professional reading, you should have a in-depth study on needs for all the aspects. This is the advantage of the e-book.

The third: it has comfort for people. The electronic reader has reading comfort for users. The habit is a powerful strength. E-book can meet the traditional reading habit because of the screen. The E-ink book not only can give you comfortable reading effects, but you can have a reading in the sunlight or use a wide view angle to read with any gesture.

The fourth: It can give readers a non-interference and quiet reading environment. Compared to tablet PC and PC, the e-book is very single. But it can reflect is professional feature as an advantage. When we read a book, if we hold a device with rich features, we will unconsciously change to play games and chat online. But the professional reader cannot cause such a problem to us.

The fifth: it has rich library resources. The e-book can allow you to download the reading resources from the internet freely. You can read the latest book online without charges. The powerful book resources make the device is unique to people.

The sixth: it can protect eyesight. The pursuit of the people is higher and higher. Therefore, health is the necessity of consumer in the daily life. As the hottest tablet PC in the market currently, many people need the functions with high performance, but long time for watching tablet PC; it is very harmful to eyes. But even you watch e-book for a long time, you will not feel tired.

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