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One of USB Accessories Was Launched By the Company

Posted on 27th Oct 2011 @ 8:04 PM

Now the USB is the main external device solution for PC. Almost everyone will complain about the PC host as the product has too few USB ports, especially the laptop users. For the notebook with only two USB ports, they have deep resentment. For example, wireless mouse, USB flash drives, Mobile hard drives, printers, fax machines, cell phones, MP3 players and other digital devices, PSP and other entertainment devices and network cards… So many places have a need for USB port, we have overwhelmed feeling. For the USB hub, we need to improve the use performance. But the product as one of the USB accessories often has a variety of brands. The poor product often makes us painful. Here the company launched a good one and it can meet a big business opportunity. The advent of the new USB hub showed the attention of the company to USB hub products.

24 Port Powered USB 2.0 Hub

Unlike the common USB hubs, the new one as one of USB accessories has three independent control chip. It can greatly enhance the whole writing and reading speed to meet the USB2.0 standard. The maximum speed can be up to 480Mbps. It can support high speed, full speed and low speed transmission. It has backward compatibility. It can use four USB2.0 devices simultaneously to support the major operating systems. There is no need to have a drive program. The company also adds an external power supply. Each interface has a separate capacitor to protect the ample power supply. With 5V voltage, the new USB hub can reach the maximum current. But for the mobile hard drive, its normal start current is about 1A. So it can provide power for mobile hard drives.

The company is good at using industrial design elements to enhance product quality. For this USB hub, as one of the USB accessories, naturally it will spare no effort to improve its external image. The simple and irregular shape supports four power switches. It can show you the business style. With the black rubber paint, the whole device becomes stable for the business environment. The whole office environment of the users will be clean. The new device uses the metal materials. It is light and solid. And it has very good cooling effects. You can get a good texture feeling with it. The electronic switch is not the furnishings for people. The single control USB port can be good for improving the transfer rate. But also it is very environmental and energy saving for us.

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